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   The Bleyzer Foundation is an international non‐profit, non‐government organization established in 2001 by Michael Bleyzer, the President and CEO of SigmaBleyzer. The worldwide experience of SigmaBleyzer suggests that a socially responsible investor cannot distance himself from the process of economic policy development in his countries of operation. This is more important if the region lacks the capacity to formulate or implement policy reforms. The knowledge and competence of international experts in formulating and implementing successful economic strategies in other regions can boost economic development. Collaboration between world experts and national and regional governments should result in an improved investment climate, which will improve the quality of life of the population and have a positive impact on the activities of both foreign and local investors.

Our Mission

   The mission of The Bleyzer Foundation is to promote the development of the private sector and the use of best practices in government policies to create investmentfriendly and business-friendly environments.  This will advance public welfare and improve living standards through sustainable economic growth.