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Kyiv, 01004, Ukraine

tel.:+38 044 284 12 89

fax:+38 044 284 12 83

Our Approach

   To achieve its goals, The Bleyzer Foundation’s activities include:

  • Reviewing the macroeconomic situation and trends in SigmaBleyzer’s regions of operation
  • Monitoring and evaluating the implementation of economic reforms and policies that affect the investment climate in regions where SigmaBleyzer is currently present and/or in areas that are of interest to the company
  • Engaging governments in technical discussions in order to optimize economic policies
  • Widely promoting the implementation of economic reforms to achieve sustainable economic growth and improve the investment and business environment through:
    • Development of far‐reaching recommendations and proposals for economic reforms based on an in‐depth analysis of the region’s fundamental economic problems and on the international best practices of reform implementation
    • Active cooperation with government agencies and public organizations in formulating and implementing economic reforms
    • Participation in programs for the development of a democratic society through the dissemination of expertise gained and the results of academic and applied research among a broad range of government officials, public organizations, business community, etc.
    • Carrying out educational work on economic policy issues and cooperating with other local and international agencies, businesses and NGOs that share The Bleyzer Foundation’s goals