6 Baseyna St., "Mandarin Plaza", 8th floor

Kyiv, 01004, Ukraine

tel.:+38 044 284 12 89

fax:+38 044 284 12 83

Ieliena Segura

Accounting Manager, Sigma Ventures Translator, The Bleyzer Foundation

Ms. Segura is Accounting Manager at Sigma Ventures, Inc in Houston, Texas and Translator of The Bleyzer Foundation. She joined SigmaBleyzer in Kiev in 1997, as an Accounting Specialist and Translator. In 2008 she was appointed Accounting Specialist for the Company. In 2010, she was transferred to SigmaBleyzer’s holding company, Sigma Ventures Inc in Houston, Texas, where she became Senior Accounting Specialist. In January 2015, she was promoted to Accounting Manager. Ms. Segura holds a Bachelor’s degree in Construction and Industrial Design from the Kiev Industrial Design and Construction Institute; an English Language Certificate from Oxford College, Oxford, England; a Certificate of completion of studies in Computer Applications for Business, Accounting, and Office Manager from the Ukrainian Center for Studies Festo Didactic; and a Certificate in studies in Capital Markets from the Eurasian National University of Kazakhstan. She is proficient in Russian, Ukrainian, Spanish, Portuguese, and English.